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Originally designed for the tuner crowd the Scion line up definitely turned heads.  Scion literally means "dependant" or "heir". Toyota has brought forth a new look with the XB. You either hate it or love it but chances are if you hate it, you have never sat inside or driven one. With more headroom than any car I can remember and legroom to match! Many love the second version of the Scion XB but we prefer the original 04-06 version. Getting around 34 MPG and they just seem to run and run. Most of our cars have well over 200,000 miles and they just keep going with nothing but normal maintenance. Of course they are not perfect and I wish the front bumper cover would stay on tight at the sides and the rear handle did not break but all and all Toyota did good!

Please feel free to browse our website about Scions. All of the Scions we own are xBs so that is what a majority of the pictures will be. There are pictures of our Saturday night meet and greets that have TCs and xAs. We like both the xA and the TC but the xB worked out best as installation and sales vehicles for our company, Shelves That Slide and Kitchen Shelves pull out shelves. They are great for the good gas mileage plus the number of shelves that can fit inside but most of all they are a rolling billboard. Toyota has a winner here with the Scion brand. A low cost, reliable vehicle that is fun to drive

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